Spotlight! The Tall Mountains EP

Album Artwork by Berny Tan.

Singer-songwriter Sydney Yeo a.k.a. Tall Mountains recorded her first self-penned song at home in late 2010, when she was 18. Tomorrow, Sydney releases the Tall Mountains EP, a collection of five songs written between her hometown of Singapore and her second home, New York City, where she attends the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

(From the press release)

Nostalgically youthful and shyly romantic, Tall Mountains is folk pop created in the vein of Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, and Laura Marling. Dense harmonies, lilting melodies, and the swell of strings carry songs about young love, with lyrics inspired by a yearning for nature and the intangible beauty of wide open spaces. It is music akin to late afternoon sunlight falling through the windows of a quiet cool room, lying on a roof with a friend, or closing your eyes and letting your mind take you wherever it likes.

The standout single from the Tall Mountains EP is the rollicking opener “Who Told You”, which features a groove and sound reminiscent of old-time cowboy westerns. Set against the daily heartbreak and frenetic claustrophobia of city living, Sydney writes lyrics inspired by a yearning for nature and the intangible beauty of wide open spaces, resulting in a unique brand of folk pop.

Previously a one-woman effort, the Tall Mountains EP band was made possible by the talents of fellow musicians Adam Shah (Muon, The Observatory) on drums, Mark John Hariman (Inch Chua & The Metric System, Charlie Lim Band) on electric guitar, and Manson Koh (Deon Toh Band) on bass.

The EP was recorded in Singapore at Snakeweed Studios, with engineering, production, and mixing by Leonard Soosay. The Tall Mountains EP drops digitally tomorrow, with a limited run of 200 physical copies also available for purchase from 15 November onwards



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