Spotted! Ernie Sulastri

Ernie Sulastri draws inspiration from a visit to Bali to explore and document good and bad memories,  and with lovely results. A graduate from the School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM) at Nanyang Polytechnic, Ernie’s passion for the arts flourished at a very young age.

About her work: “An inspiring visit to Bali ignited my desire to start painting and immerse myself in the fine arts. I love stuff  that is connected to me, inviting a sense of déjà vu and sentimental interest. Like a relic. Like an archaeologist, scavenging discarded, wasted thoughts stuck at the back of my head and discovering a simple beauty behind it. A relationship relic, which evokes memories – good and bad. All names and faces ebb away when they disappear. And I have to admit that I’m not good recalling memories. The sudden disappearance of my Indonesian late grandfather, disintegrated quick and quietly. Every person leaves strange memories of themselves when they pass on. Likewise, the barong (top image) not only reminded me of my relationship with him , but it also reminded me that I am part of something big, not merely just existing as a child of the universe, but to live and love immensely with a purpose in life. Barong, the lion-like creature and the king of spirits, which is also a mythology in Bali reminded me of him. The barong constantly battles between the good and the evil, reminding me of the journey that every person goes through. I am also heavily influenced by the Javanese philosophy of life, ‘Urip Iku Urup’ which means that life is like a flame. Our life should benefit others. No matter how small our contributions, we shouldn’t be a useless person in our society. The history of barong blended into my reality and a reflection of a human action in daily life with the good and the bad behaviour.”

Ernie’s work will be shown at the Pulse exhibition which runs from 9 until 19 November at the Maya gallery. She is also taking part in The Sketchbook Project 2013 organized by The Art House Co-op.



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