Spotted! Ozzy & Lulu

Ozzy & Lulu is the brainchild of two sisters who share a love for design and an obsession for all things pretty. Believers of simple yet powerful design, this little company was started as an outlet for some creative expression, but grew quickly into an opportunity to realize a long harboured dream of owning a unique brand.

“We’ve always been crazy for quirky stationery but they were always a little too pricey. So we thought, why not make them ourselves? That’s how we got started. We started designing stickers and book covers, and the rest, as they say, was history.”

Fajrina and Hazirah Rahim, the duo behind the four-month old brand, are both full-time students at NUS and Lasalle College of the Arts, respectively. The latter is responsible
for creative direction, and serves as main designer while her older sister handles the business side of things.

Aside from their website, Ozzy & Lulu’s products can also be purchased at weekend art fairs and flea markets. For updates, visit their facebook page.


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