Spotted! Jiahui Tan

The Makan Prints by Jiahui Tan are a collection of seriously minimal and incredibly experimental renderings of local grub. Jiahui who is pursuing a BFA in Visual Communications at the NTU’s School of Art Design & Media, has kept himself busy continuously producing freelance work,  gaining enough experience to set up his own creative studio, Fable. “Fable means a story or a tale and serves as a platform to deliver my message with my designs. It also allows me to collaborate with other designers and artists. As a huge fan of typography, my approach towards design has its focus on clarity but at the same time I put a lot of emphasis on showing an intimate human touch.”

About his Makan Prints: “I started to explore and inject my personal take on defining popular local cuisine when interpreted with a modernist graphic approach.  I would show the designs to people around me and ask them to guess the pictured food. And people usually got it right … after a couple of tries. This proves that my belief is right – Singaporeans have the ability to understand and interpret design in personal ways and have advanced beyond the times of literal and directing visual spoon-feeding.”

In his spare time, Jiahu takes great pics of his travels and trips around the world. He is also a dab-hand at short videos.



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