Spotted! Inkten Sufina

We only just discovered the work of Inkten Sufina, and we were utterly charmed by the toned and tattooed girls populating her portfolio. The Graphic Artist also known as Nadirah Abdul Razak is a graduate of LASALLE, College of the Arts, who is now pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at Nanyang Techonological University.

Inkten’s work concentrates on sensitivity and subconscious desires, and is a clarification of the holes and glitches in life, the reason why and how we dream, a playground of thoughts and hallucination.

“I would like to bring the audience to a different space, bringing their mind into a certain scope of escape. Intrigued by the series of thoughts and images that we constantly engage in within our heads, I put my works as fragmented dreams, where they would only perhaps be perceived as if they are unfinished or unsettling. I believe in taking things part by part and not acquiring it as a whole. I strongly think that people cannot perceive vast and tremendous ideas all at once. Therefor my works are bite-sized and focus on the concepts of visions, trance and suppressed powers.”



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