Spotted! Amanda Soon

With a diploma in Visual Communication, Amanda Soon  is now on the road to Graphic Design at Central St. Martins, with a specialization in Moving Images.

“I am in pursuit of exploring a more active and effectual form of communication, combining the communicative quality of design and the organic, unabashed sensitivity of fine art. Being creative is a blessing; it is like being a vessel to convey the unspoken to people. Things that are left unsaid, undiscovered and yearned. Any form of expression should not be defined or boxed, we all have a role to play, but the output in my case is a reflection of my inner workings that I am influenced by, from the outside, that hopefully connects everyone around me like missing links on the net. It all comes full circle. I intend to unravel simple truths of beauty, love and truth in every form, shape and belief, and the direct opposite, the seven sins. As above, so below. Within and without. Paradoxes that complete and make us human. I believe that all humans have the yearning for essentially very simple things at the crux of it all. I try to explore within the constraints of reality and to bring forth unreality within these constraints. I yearn to propel people into any mode of self-expression, especially in a patriarchal world, and to confront repressed emotions within themselves. I have recently been focused on the spiritual and subconscious nature of bodily expression through my “vibrational” drawings and the uncanny visions one has in private. The surreal images only one can luxuriate in, I intend to expose with a cerebral, realistic bareness.”

Amanda’s work will be part of the Pulse exhibition at the Maya gallery opening 1st November. Her artwork titled Symbiosis (bottom image) is an exploration of the act of doing, the process of movement exerted from a body.

“It is a progressive vibrational action reaction process I have developed through markings. Each mark made is intentional but my self is detached as I try to link my inside to the external surface without conscious effort. The intention is not to form an object or thing but to fill a void with the vibrations one feels in life, vibrations of surroundings and of the inner kind. Each flows into the other. I was influenced by how nature creates impact without intentional force and its natural range of motion and connectedness to each living thing around it. To go beyond the self-centered world view that interprets reality we experience as a collection of separate “things” defined by concepts on which we can ‘act’, and to see everything as an amalgamation of forces.”




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