Yeo Jian Long & the Rembrandt F.A.K.E.R.s

Left to right: (1st row) Happy Hour Rembrandt by Yeo Jian Long, Flower Power Rembrandt by Yeo Man Ling Catherine, Rembrandt Roudra by Roudra Mitra, (2nd row) Paper Cut Out Rembrandt by Chua Han Xiang, Rembrandt Mao by Yeo Jian Long and Rembrandt Jerry by Jer Bear Teo.

Think you can create your own Rembrandt? One guy thinks you can … let me introduce you to Yeo Jian Long, a Fine Art degree student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and the President of F.A.K.E.R. ….

“I started the F.A.K.E.R. project as a creative experiment, but I began to see parallels with the recent Cecilia Gimenez case – the infamous Spanish lady who “restored” the Spanish fresco. The fact is, professional restorers in museums don’t even know what they are doing, which makes them guilty of the same thing. There are even case studies to this effect documented on artwatch uk. In general, people have a fascination with art in museums. They look at it, they want to touch it, and in some cases, they might feel an urge to indulge in some creative “transformation”. People want to believe in this magical aura surrounding masterpieces, they want to touch it and be part of it. That is probably why some of them go on to become restorers, certified or not.”

Why Rembrandt? “I chose Rembrandt because his name is like a brand; it has become part of our cultural consciousness. Plus, it has a definite aura too. His self portraits are quite iconic, and people seem to resonate with them, more so than his other works. Actually most of his self portraits in a strict sense are not self-portraiture, he’s wearing costumes to portray certain characters – like St. Paul or a venetian artist. In a way, he’s transforming himself. What I find interesting is seeing how other people  interpret the same Rembrandt painting.”

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