Sudden Nature by Isaac Kerlow

“The protagonists in Sudden Nature seem to have a communication problem. They clearly have opinions about each other but they can’t seem to find a way to communicate. They just think about it … and the audience gets to hear their thoughts in the process. Their dialog becomes two monologues.”

Sudden Nature by Isaac Kerlow was filmed in four weekends, but that hasn’t stopped the 24 minute short from being recognized at numerous international festivals. The allegorical film is about the long and active relationship between Man and Nature. A relationship that is both millenary and day-to-day, loving but dysfunctional at times. Nature nurtures humanity but delivers destructive hazards. We care about Nature but abuse its resources.

Isaac: “Sudden Nature portrays how often this uneasy relationship mutates from fascination to destruction to disappointment. Psychotherapists would probably recommend increased communication after listening to Nature’s and Man’s complaints about one another. The movie offers parallel endings. A loving Man rescues Nature from annihilation and together they continue their adventure. A Nature who has lost interest leaves behind a Man who doesn’t seem to care. Will this inescapable relationship last forever or will it diverge and wither? It’s largely up to us.”

Isaac Kerlow (Ke Yi Xiao) is an artist and filmmaker whose work deals with change, abstraction, riddles and the human condition. He is considered one of the pioneers of digital art, and continues to create with digital technology and traditional techniques.



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