Exhibition: Path.1 by Boedi Widjaja

Opening today at The Substation Gallery is Path.1, a solo exhibition by Boedi Widjaja. Boedi’s Path proposal took the plaudits in the Visual Art category at this year’s Open Call programme organized by The Substation.

As the man gets into gear for his show, we briefly speak to him about his proposal, and what to expect at his first solo exhibition.

Who is Boedi Widjaja?

Identity is almost always tricky :-)

You are this year’s Visual Art recipient of The Substation’s Open Call programme, and you were also awarded a commendation at the UOB Painting of the Year competition. What does it mean to you for your work to be recognized in this way?

I am very happy and grateful for them. An artist doesn’t make art alone. Being the recipient of The Substation’s Open Call means that I receive tremendous support to develop, execute and present a new work to the public. I am thankful to the entire Substation team for taking that risk.

Tell us about your upcoming solo exhibition, Path.1. What is it about?

Path. 1 is the first episode of Path (Path. 1, 2, 3…), a series of works that presents drawing as live action and performance, and is an apparatus for me to uncover personal ideas of alienation in the city, spatial intervention, and home. In Path. 1, I will present frottages of the surfaces of my childhood homes in Surakarta; construct a surface-environment by lining the gallery walls with paper; invite gallery visitors to draw alongside on the surface-environment by using squash balls as mark projectiles; and record my exchanges with visitors through automatic drawings.

I understand that you will be keeping yourself very busy during the exhibition, and – as you just mentioned – visitors are invited to take part in the creation of the onsite artwork.

That’s right. Drawing and mark making in Path. 1 are methods to construct relational moments between the artist and the audience and his physical environment. The visual marks that unfold across the exhibition period are evidence of the artist’s repeated attempts at connecting with individuals and the city. To me, that is what the exhibition is really about.

Path.1 runs until 27 September at The Substation Gallery. Don’t miss it!



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