Melissa Yong’s Other Sounds

Having observed the intricacies of the Australian music scene from both inside and out for over seven years, twenty-one year old Melissa Yong identified something Singapore was sorely lacking – a publication providing Singaporeans with the latest in music through high quality editorial output of local and international music news. In early October, this void will be filled, with the launch of Other Sounds, an online publication linking musicians, fans, promoters and brands in a conversation centred on the music itself, and Singapore’s love for it.

Yong is a self-proclaimed music lover, and this is reflected by her approach to Other Sounds through her passionate support of encouraging a flourishing and innovative music scene in Singapore. After finishing school near Melbourne, Melissa returned to Singapore after an eight year hiatus to rediscover her love for the country, and nut out her future plans. During this time, she expanded her music repertoire and became an active participant in the growing local scene. Enrolling at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney to study a Bachelor of Entertainment Management in 2010, Melissa interned within varied fields at Inertia Music, Civil Society, Staple Management (now UNFD) and volunteered at both the One Movement for Music (Perth) and BIGSOUND (Brisbane) music industry conferences. Thriving in the music business environment, Yong realised that Singapore was desperately missing out on infrastructure that had been in place in Australia for years, and thus Other Sounds was born. Melissa returned to Singapore, working as Marketing and Program Assistant at TAB, interning for the Mosaic Music Festival at the Esplanade, and exploring the music scene that she has come to know and love.

Other Sounds will aim to provide locally generated, dedicated and comprehensive coverage of the latest in music in Singapore and around the world, including news, interviews, reviews, a gig guide, and more – the first of its kind to access all aspects of the music scene in this way,” Melissa explains. “Since its conception, we have expanded to a temporary office of four young and innovative music lovers, who take their promise of “beginning the conversation” seriously. A team of ten contributors make up the current team, who are being entrusted to maintain the Other Sounds standard of writing honestly, critically and authoritatively, while still maintaining our integrity in being a thoughtful and credible media platform. Currently, the preparations for the October launch centre on producing content that will “encourage more participation and enthusiasm about music in Singapore. Our main priority will be delivering on the promises we have made; making Other Sounds a go-to for music enthusiasts, musicians, brands and promoters alike.”



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