The Piano Tuner, A Jonathan Chong Film

The Piano Tuner is a Final Year Project by the graduating class of 2012 -Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media. Directed by Jonathan Chong, the core team also comprises of five other graduating students, and has the external support of Executive Producer, Cindy Khoo (Alumni). The story was discussed and written between Jonathan and Jac Min (Screenwriter and Cinematography) while on a student exchange program in Germany, which than grew into this 19 minute long short film.

Cindy Khoo: “Like all other student short films, The Piano Tuner team had immense ideas but a lack of funds, and through the support of sponsors, crowd funders and MDA, the team managed to produce this (duration) short with an outstanding production value on 16mm traditional film. The production team also invested a lot of time and effort to make sure the nuances of the film were effectively and accurately created, through its production design and cinematography. Research was done via visits to the Christofori factory as well as engaging on-set directions from real-life musicians.”

Since its debut screening at the ADM Graduating Show, The Piano Tuner has received very encouraging comments and is now planning for a festival run.



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