Spotted! Chun See Daniel Lim

Today we revel in the great work of Chun See Daniel Lim, an Amsterdam-based motion creative who has a strong interest for moving imagery and visual rhythm. Daniel likes to be open-minded in his hands-on approach on each production process – which varies from direction, design to many diverse digital executions. His style often refers to something cinematic or surrealistic, but always aesthetically justified. With a focus on motion design, 2D/ 3D animation, Daniel likes to create title sequences, commercials, identities, music video’s, infomercials, promo’s, short films and more animated stuff.

FLUX  (top) is an experiment by a motion designer and a sound designer. “The idea was simply to experiment with something we both wanted to do. I initiated this short project, out of curiosity of certain animation techniques and creating visuals that lean towards fantasy and medical art or science. FLUX is essentially “life”, moving molecules through a metabolic pathway. It shows comparably, a microanalyses within the human body; as if you’re traveling in a certain part of the body encountering molecular structures and fibrin networks.

Another work we like is Nelumbo °Reel 2012 (second image). Daniel: “For this showreel, the first concept was to create a dreamy fantasy scenery that visually resembles a chinese oil-painting. Nevertheless, the style gradually took shape into a somewhat more lively idyllic geometrical world, where the lotus (Nelumbo) plays the leading role. “Follow the golden path to enlightenment”

In TestType 888 • The Birth (last image) Daniel dedicated himself to the conceptual design, researched on the appearance of the robot and the unveiling of the mechanical body parts, and finally set up ways to model, rig and animate the character. “In a testing room, power cables leave their docking system and reach a connecting-core. A machinery gets activated and detailed parts start revealing themselves. While activities are being monitored, the ‘Testtype 888’ robot slowly comes to life.”




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