Spotted! Olivia Lin

Olivia Lin is a BA(Hons) Fashion Textiles graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts, specialising in embroidered and printed textiles. Her work examines issues commonly avoided or forgotten about, in a bid to impel a reaction or resolution; “for instance the obsession with body perfection, savagery in the brutal slaughter of animals for food, disintegration of the self,” Olivia explains. ” I find beauty in the imperfect, the fragmented, and the strange.”

The featured prints simulate decay and create the illusion of disintegrating bodies, from Olivia’s Dead at 20, Buried at 70. “I’d read Douglas Coupland’s Generation X, it’d done my head in and left me with the dystopian vision of a wasted world filled with empty faces, glazed eyes and fading selves; a world where we’ve zombified and ceased to function, and are falling apart little by little. The photos were shot by mates at The Cult of Nine, and we also shot a video.”



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