Spotted! Julia Liu


Julia Liu grabbed my attention with her beautiful illustrations for The Substation‘s Love Letters Project. The Temasek Poly illustration graduate took a ‘gap year’ after graduating to do some freelance work, including a book publication, the Healthy Diet Pyramid for a friend’s exhibition at The Gentlemen’s Press studio and the aforementioned Love Letters Project.

“I am now working as an Allied Educator (Teaching & Learning) at CHIJ Katong Convent (Secondary) where I assist in English as well as Craft, a subject unique to the school which incorporates art and drama and caters to Normal Technical students. I’d say I’m in a sort of transition phase of sorts in my life now, attempting to find the idealistic marriage of passion, occupation and fulfillment. I am considering teaching art in the future.”

Julia possesses an innate preference for anything of a ‘prehistoric’ nature, and tends to shy away from advancements in technology. ” I have a penchant for phones that aren’t too smart as well as a more traditional means of practising art. I am not saying that I don’t see the advantages of the other end of the spectrum though. It’s merely a personal, natural gravitation. And so I draw always with a black 0.28/0.38 uniball pen, paint on the rare occasion or two, meddle with clay even more infrequently, and dabbled in toy-customisation twice. I take to tea, good reads, music from the 60s, scrawling literary jargon from time to time and have the softest spot for old folks.”




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