Spotted! J’Field Yeo

“It hasn’t been easy, but I am looking forward to the day when I can be a full-time Sneaker Customizer.”

Freelance Designer and Sneaker Customizer J’Field Yeo  of MoreThanArtToWear did his first sneaker customization in 2007, a year after he graduated from LASALLE, College of the Arts.

“I feel that painting and customizing a pair of sneakers is more fun and challenging than working on a blank canvas. I love to challenge myself to do the extreme. Many things seem impossible until you try. And it feels great when people wear the shoes I customize. The process of customization isn’t as easy as people would think it is – there is this misconception that a customizer merely paints. Truth is, a lot of thought and preparation goes into the design. Customizing the packaging is also part of the job. I am currently working on a couple of new designs on top of my freelance work. “



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