Dottinghill Skin Accessories

 Ahoy! by Daniel Tan

Mister Moustache by littlejamjar

Screaming Party by Bernd Wachtmeister

Time Flies by Anthea Pie

Dottinghill was started by Mike and Tammy, a Singaporean couple who decided that turning 30 meant it was time have some fun and do something crazy with their lives. Combining an appreciation for skin-art , temporary tattoos and a design community sounded like just the thing.

Tammy: “We hope to popularize skin-accessories as wearable little pieces of art that anyone can use as an everyday alternative form of accessory to complement their outfits, moods, events, partners or just because. Our designs come from our frickin’ amazing residents, be it our Creative residents who whip up original designs or our resident Spotters who help us scour the www to spot kick-ass artwork that they think will look good on our skin. So really, anyone can be our Creative or Spotter. The designs that are submitted then go through scoring by the rest in the Dottinghill community. The most popular designs become potential candidates to be printed as skin-accessories that will go on sale on our e-store for the community to get their hands on.”



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