Spotted! Samantha Eve

“My photos reflect a lot on youth, freedom & rebellion Why? I think it really just reflects a lot about my personality.”

20-year-old Samantha Eve is a fresh Advertising and Photography major from Singapore Polytechnic. She was recently found snapping away at local indie-folk band Monster Cat (last image), and  is now working with a few other bands for more do-good projects.

“I picked up analogue photography when I was in secondary school. I already knew I wanted to take photos then, but I couldn’t afford to buy a camera, and I didn’t know a single thing about cameras! I ended up just stealing one of my family’s old cameras and bought some film from the mama shop. That was how I started. Eventually, my obsession got more severe … I took some part-time jobs, just so I could own my very first DSLR. But even after, I still preferred using analogue. It’s so much more sentimental.”

Working as a designer and assistant producer under the wing of Jing Quek at Super Studio, she plans to make short films and shoot mini music videos in the future.

Samantha is exhibiting as part of the In Chiobu We Trust event which opens on 31 August and runs until September 9.



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