Spotted! Daryl Ong

Looking through a series of re-captured footage, a sitter gives up his throne in an attempt to flee the trinity of maker, sitter and observer.

We spotted Daryl Ong at the NAFA Fine Art Diploma graduation show. Daryl loves the idea of simulation. He is heavily inspired by video games and recently began introducing electronics and electrical objects into his art practice.

“I majored in Photography, but I do not see myself practising ‘photography’ solely as a medium or as a platform, as I feel it can get stagnant as a form of representation; not because it contains too little, but because of its potential to develop a skewed manner of a certain authority and authorship. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy looking at 2D images and photos, and occasionally I produce and play with them.”

About his TV Dinner Installation: “The set up works like a DVD player connected to a VCR, which in turn is connected to a made-shift antenna. An RF coaxial cable is connected from one end of the TV, with the other end left exposed for the viewer to touch. Touching the exposed tip completes the broadcast and reception.This indicts the viewer directly with the responsibility of an author or creator, as such granting them a false sense of authority.”





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