Spotted! Liu Lawrence

Award-winning photographer Liu Lawrence has an affinity for heritage and – you guessed it – photography. “They’re an important part of my life,” he continues. “The former reminds us of our past while the latter captures the present for reminisce in our future. My dream as an artist is to make a difference to the society through my artwork and my research.”

Lawrence prefers to work with installations, where he creates a comfortable working studio-environment for his audience, allowing them to savour and digest the artworks and their purpose.

“My art practice takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. In my work, the primary goal is to research and to rediscover the Singaporean identity. This has led me to engaging subjects: the beauty of architecture, the darkness of economics, the magic of ideology, the mysteries of sociology, the power of philosophy and the nature of politics. Each project often consists of multiple works and researches, often making use of different media but with a single aim; an insight into future possibilities arising from a journey into the past, that seeks to liberate ancestral memories from historical erasure, in a search not for the end of culture and heritage, but for the chance to begin again.”

The featured (ongoing) project titled The Demise and Return of Rochor(e) was part of the ‘Collective Individuality’ show at the Goodman Arts Centre in April this year, and will now be showcased at the NAFA Fine Art graduation show which opens tomorrow. Make sure to drop by the show to witness the developments in Lawrence’s project over the past three months.




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