Spotted! Cia Zhi Yun



A pair of ISGLOVES™ are exactly what I need next winter. Or make that one pair of gloves plus a StepSlide suitcase, two projects by Zhi Yun, a fresh BA Industrial Design graduate from the National University of Singapore.

Zhi Yun developed the ISGLOVES™  in tandem with NUS students, Charmain Tan, Fitzkhoon Liang and Tan Yan Liang. About the project: “ISGLOVES™ is an innovative blend of technology, nature and creative design that enables users to continue to use their touch-screen devices like iPhone and iPad out in the cold. The  unique “glove within a mitten” concept differentiates from other touchscreen gloves. Bamboo yarns, a naturally sustainable and renewable material, is skillfully intertwined with conductive polyester yarns to create a composite yarn that is flexible, and therma-regulating. This knitted glove is then warmly cocooned in an outer mitten for better insulation as heat is encapsulated between the fingers.”




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