Spotted! Josiah Chua

24-year old LASALLE final-year BA(Hons) Fashion student, Josiah Chua loves mashing up various elements, and has a particular penchant for street art and mysticism. He designs to make a statement to an action or event, and hopes that his opinions about life are embodied through his clothes.

Jun Takahashi, Yayoi Kusama and Yoshitomo Nara are some of the artists who influence his designs, because their works are experimental and intriguing. Josiah is also a big fan of Japanese Menswear label Phenomenon and the earlier works of the “Big Three” Japanese designers − Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Rei Kawakubo.

His REVELATION collection in the recent LASALLE Fashion Graduate Show is inspired by the global speculation of the 2012 phenomenon, and  puts light on the Egyptian’s belief in the renewal of mankind during the catastrophic event. The belief in the new way of life influenced the collection’s vision to challenge and push the boundaries of menswear.

“Egyptian gods are personified by fashionably reincarnating them into modern-day “street gods”. It resurrects the divinity and opulence of ancient Egypt through OTT (Over The Top) sensibility and striking DIY aesthetic in street art and fashion. The street gods are envisioned to be transported right into Japan, 2012, living and breathing the air in the streets of Harajuku where the very aspect of OTT flair is celebrated and desired. Exploring specially into the experimental spirit of the Japanese street style, the pieces were made in a mélange of opposing elements, unconventional silhouettes, clashing hues and materials which bears the iconic essence of the ancient Egypt. This collection aims to retain a chaotic equilibrium while simultaneously fabricating a booming visual orgasm: A revelation exhilaration.”

Having won the 2012 Triumph Inspirational Award recently, Josiah will go on to represent Singapore in the international final round to be held in Shanghai this October. Besides his dreams of being a fashion designer, he would really like to own a pet fox and ride on a polar bear one day.



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