Art Garden 2012 at 8QSAM

Have a child in your life and an afternoon to spare? You may like to check out Art Garden 2012, which is returning for the third year with a series of artworks by Singaporean and international artists that aims to appeal to the young and young at heart.  Here are some highlights:

Reactive Wall by Mojoko and Shang Liang

A collaboration between the artist Mojoko and computer programmer Shang Liang, the Reactive Wall features over 200 popular icons which will pop up and swirl around as sounds are made into a microphone.  During my visit, I was regaled by a lovely rendition of “The wheels on the bus” as well as some ear-piercing screeches from enthusiastic young ‘uns.

5QU1D by Ryf

5QU1D  was originally commissioned by URA for i Light Marina Bay 2012 but has now found a new resting spot at 8QSAM. Created by Ryf, an engineering graduate from Temasek Polytechnic, this hybrid squid-like creature glows in a dazzling myriad of colours when you approach it.

The Art of Imagination by Justin Lee

The Art of Imagination is an interactive installation where visitors are encouraged to unleash their creativity on recyclable cardboard boxes. The end product can be inserted into a tower of other visitors’ creations and re-arranged to form a new message or idea.

Dress Me Up by Justin Lee

Further along in the same gallery, Justin Lee has created a fantastical playroom where visitors can mix and match clothes on life-sized dolls or decorate an enormous three-tiered cake.

Kakhé by SpeakCryptic

Spanning 4 floors, this quirky mural takes you along a quest with the artist as he explores his heritage and life growing up as a Singaporean Baweanese.

Ping Pong Go-Round by Lee Wen 

Before departing, you might want to embark on a game of multi-player ping pong with Lee Wen’s Ping Pong Go-Round, which proved popular with visitors of all ages during my visit.

Art Garden is running from now till 12 August. For more information, visit the Singapore Art Museum website



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