Spotted! Ng Yin Seng Jason

We found Jason‘s project through his profile over at the ADM 2012 Show website, where he’s quoted describing his graduation project as follows:

“The ComShell is about the possibilities of creating and witnessing a new integrated sustainable living, working and recreational infrastructure using existing technology for displaced people in a natural disaster situation. It intrigues my senses to dream up an ‘ENABLER’ fulfilling their essential needs in times of instability in this modern urban environment. In times of emergency -especially after a natural disaster- fast quality deployment of shelter, food, water, medicine and communication devices are essential for survival. Most emergency shelters -especially in the modern urban environment- are built using an unsustainable model depending solely on foreign aids, with little or no initiative from the locals to self-help. The shelters are designed to meet the immediate needs, locality, geographical, building and material conditions of the affected area. Most of these shelters become obsolete or permanent dwellings after a time. Conflicts and crimes against the old, sick and weak are also a common problem due to the crowded living arrangements in this current arrangement. Hence a livable self- sustainable, recyclable shelter, housing 10 to 16 people for six months to two years (or longer) would be an ideal intermediate solution.”




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