Spotted! Zinkie Aw

Photography started off as a curious experiment for designer Zinkie Aw, but it has since evolved into a mainstay that helps define who she is.

Camera in hand, the 26-year-old packs more courage than she normally would in her approach to life. The camera is her best excuse to dwell deeper and relate to the world a little more.

“I like to document social trends (and changes). Underlying themes of her works include modernisation and abandonment, changing ways of lives of people in Singapore, and issues of mobile technology. My photo series work to critique upon a society’s change in this modernised world. Thus not only is photography a way for me to spend time with myself, but through my observations of life via photography, I hope to help people log a visual diary of their lives and culture.”

Cat-lovers like Zinkie often say: Curiosity killed the cat.  Zinkie believes, passion brought it back.



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