Exhibition: A Crisis of Confidence

Wong Jing Wei, Queenstown Cinema & Bowling Centre.
From the series, Temporary States (2012).

Geraldine Kang, in collaboration with Benjamin Cheah.
Film still from Chemical Head (2012).

Tan Peiling, Soundtracks for an unknown landscape (2012).
Videostills from Multimedia Installation.

A Crisis of Confidence features new work produced by three recipients of the Kwek Leng Joo Prize of Excellence in Still Photography. Graduates of NTU ADM, they have each been engaged in efforts to expand their individual practices beyond conventions of the printed image. Between these artists is a shared uncertainty towards their understanding of prevailing cultural constructs that are often left unnoticed or unquestioned. The following describes their attempts at probing deeper and deconstructing three areas of interest:

In “Temporary States”, Jing Wei expresses a condition of detachment and loss in the fast changing local landscape and reflects on our sense of belonging to these increasingly temporary landscapes. Inspired by her anxiety condition, Geraldine’s “Black As Waves, Half As Light” is a collaborative project with individuals suffering from mental illness. She hopes that the project will lead people to consider varying perceptions of mental illness and what they may entail. Peiling’s interest centers on visual media and the way it informs our perceptions of ideas and environments. “Soundtracks for an unknown landscape” draws from accumulated archives of film footage to examine how visual and aural contents construct an understanding of reality.

The show opens today at 2902 Gallery, and runs through 26 May. The Artists will be present on week-ends.



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