Spotted! Evon Tay

Graphic Designer and Illustrator Evon Tay took on a problem close to her heart with her graduation project, the DIY Lifestyle Challenge. The project looks into a series of alternative and sustainable lifestyle choices, and offers a set  of DIY family fun activities. Think Green Commute, Making, Mindful consumption and – you guessed right – a Food Challenge.

“The reason I wanted to do this was because of my observation on how Singaporeans live in such a capitalistic/consumption-driven city, where everyone works overtime to earn money, which they will eventually splurge away by buying stuff  -that they may not necessarily need- in the name of “retail therapy”. It is so wasteful and pointless, and kind of depressing. So I’m trying to suggest an alternative way of living to encourage mindfulness and responsibility in our everyday habits. Hopefully what I’m doing is sowing some seeds of inspiration, creating a starting point for a healthy local DIY community to grow organically by itself over time.”

Evon’s project is lovingly documented on her great-looking site, and we thought we better point you to the bit where she is inviting you to take part in the challenge. Let’s do this!



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