Spotted! Johannah Fong

Johannah Fong is a final-year photography major at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media. She believes in depicting contemporary issues of our present world in ways that encourage creativity and nostalgia. “Albeit the rapid advances in digital technology, I prefer to express personal thoughts and concepts through raw, experimental photography and the amalgamation of various mediums.”

Inspired by a recent separation, Standstill is a photographic series that describes and focuses on three major aspects: the technique of the multiple exposure in relation to the idea of chaos in reminiscence, the lapse in time when revisiting familiar memories, and the human condition when faced with a lack of full control over what happens in the camera and in destiny.

“In the course of creating this work, I have examined the intricate relation between photography and memory, the interplay and juxtaposition of symbols when placed and presented on a single plane, and have also created meaningful imagery in an abstract and poetic way.”



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