Spotted! Lim Pei Ying Clara

Clara Lim is currently attending the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, and will graduate with a BFA (Hon) in Product Design this July. She introduces herself as a creator of objects and an innovator of products. Inspired by children and motivated by adults, Clara aims to design anything and everything to make the world a happier place. Her interests include the anatomies of living and non-living things, bicycles, horology, kaijus, sneakers and stickers.

Pictured is her graduation project Scent.hetic, a product that cleans, deodorizes and sanitises the air in the Singapore train system. “Over a period of one year, it will emit twelve different scents – two general and ten festive ones,” Clara explains. The main purpose of Scent.hetic is to allow commuters to fully enjoy their rides on the trains while experiencing the various scents of Singapore. For example, the ‘Chinese New Year scent‘ is extracted from dates, pomelos and tangerines, which also means it is 100% natural and alcohol-free.  Brochures will also be available on the trains for tourists to learn more about the respective festivals.”


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