Spotted! Maxine Chionh

I first came across Maxine Chionh‘s work at a Rojak event in 2009, where she fixed herself on my radar with her scratched photographs. I remember Maxine telling the audience that they were photos of previous home environments from which she had been evicted/removed, and how after developing the photos, she scratched on the prints to erase all portable objects in those spaces, scratching away the environment while leaving the objects “floating” in the picture.

Maxine now works and lives in Skövde, Sweden. She is a graduate from the University of Huddersfield, England, with a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art, and has participated in various group exhibitions both in Sweden and Southeast Asia.

Her work revolves around the notions of materiality and mortality. Through the techniques of drawing/erasure and photography, she explores the processes of loss on a personal and societal level. Of special interest to her practice is an imaginative investigation into how photographs can be conceptualised as material objects of physical significance.

Click on the images, and spend some time discovering more of her work in the respective series.



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