Transmission: Kaleidoscope – Nguyen Le Thuy Duong, Sachin Teng & Chang Poo Hee


Dépaysement is a collaborative artwork between Nguyen Le Thuy Duong (Zoey), Sachin Teng and Chang Poo Hee, exploring the dichotomy of Chaos and Order that stems from the sense of deconstruction of a Kaleidoscope.

“There are two major parts to the idea; the deconstruction of the original mass, followed by the chaos and the scattering. The installation is a bridge between these two states where one half of the project represents the construct which is presented as final still images projected onto the other half which represents the deconstruction, or the chaotic part presented in 3D format. The artwork is an interactive installation constructed from electronic wastes juxtaposing technology (e-waste) with nature (still images) and the presence of the audience – a reminder of the disassociation with social and physical interaction that comes from the constant integration into digital media and technology.”

Apprentice Nguyen Le Thuy Duong is currently pursuing her Bachelor in Fine Art, at LASALLE.  Duong’s favorite medium is pencil drawing and her current body of work touches on the notion of “Depaysement” while she explores an entirely new language of installation.

Collaborating artist, Sachin Teng is an artist living and working in New York City. He attended Pratt Institute for his BFA in Illustration. Though he’s an illustrator he thinks more like a designer. “Art is a means of visual communication, a kind of aesthetic discourse. They can tell you whatever they want; art is the original subliminal message.”

Collaborating artist, Chang Poo Hee is currently pursuing his Bachelor in Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University. With an interest in interactive art, computer vision and machine learning, he has recently been working with several Fine artists to produce highly technical new media art pieces, including an interactive installation with Kerui Chen exhibited at the recent Winston Oh Travelogue 2011.

Dépaysement can be viewed at the Transmission: Kaleidoscope exhibition which opens on 12 May at 188-8 Tanjong Katong Road.



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