Spotted! Sit Weng San

Sit Weng San is a visual artist from Singapore who is currently residing in New York. She is a graduate from the General Studies Program at the International Center of Photography, holds an Economics degree, and was previously employed by a Chemical Company.

Using photography as her medium, Weng San’s work is prompted by questions, which do not necessarily bring about neat answers. “As I attempt to find answers through my work, I hope to bring about clarity of what I am probing to the audience. I am engaged with themes such as cultural identity and representation, and its politics.”

An Ongoing Project started when a newspaper in New York published an article about the ethnic occupational niche in response to a bus crash in the Bronx, which killed 15 Chinese passengers on their way back from an upstate casino. “A sociologist interviewed in the article said, with regards to gambling, “It has to do with people who feel out of luck, poor people who want to become rich.” He added, “When you work 11 hours a day as a waiter, the hardships are dry and depriving, and they need relief.” Although this was only a small portion of the article, it led to the question, how is the community actually doing? I began by photographing in Chinatown in New York City. This has evolved into a collaborative project with seniors from the Cityhall Senior Cente.”



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