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Some might find it ironic that despite running a site that focuses largely on art and design, I don’t really have an artistic bone in my body. Hence, I found myself in a mild state of anxiety when design school Orita Sinclair invited me to participate in its first Skills Assembly session. The session was titled “How to Linocut,” led by Farizwan Fajari aka Speakcryptic, who taught a small group of us how to make our very own linocut print. The skill session was free to participants and each person only had to pay $15 for the materials (disclosure: because I was considered media the fee was waived for me, wahey).

Prior to the class, we were advised to bring a design which we would use for the linocut. Several of my group mates brought their own sketches which ranged from typography to adorable illustrations to still life. I armed myself with a Googled image of a Penrose Triangle — it’s made up of straight lines, how difficult could it be? (Also, props to my friends at Acre for unwittingly giving me something to work with). The two hours passed by in a flash and thanks to great direction from Farizwan (who is hella funny and nice), voila, the above print is now tacked above my desk. The etched out lino sheet is also kept safely away, to be re-used if I ever want to launch my retail empire of Penrose Triangle-inspired line of bags and tees.

I might detail what I learned in the class in another post, but I wanted to highlight the other Skills and Knowledge Assembly sessions that Orita Sinclair is organizing which you may be interested in. The Skills sessions are hands-on workshops and the Knowledge sessions are speaker-led. All the sessions are free and places are limited so sign up immediately to avoid disappointment. Details after the jump.

Knowledge Assembly Session 1: How Social Media Can Make Or Break An Art Scene
Speaker: Suzzana Chew of Artitute
Where: Kennel, 8D Dempsey Rd, #03-03
When: 2 May 2012, 7-9pm
Fees: Free, open to public. RSVP to

Suzzana’s Bio: Founder & owner of, Suzzana Chew was a pixel pusher & internet executive for more than 10 years. Setting up Artitute after a 1 year sabbatical training at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art Singapore and PDCE at Emily Hill, Suzzana prowls the streets & exhibition halls to bring you the latest happening in the Singapore art scene.

Skills Assembly Session 2: Designing for Web
Workshop Leader: Gad Tan
Where: Orita Sinclair, 12A Pahang Street
When: 27 June 2012, 7-9pm
Fees: Free, open to public. RSVP to

Gad’s bio: Gad Tan ( graduated from The College of Fine Art in the University of New South Wales. He was previously an Interactive Designer and Devloper at TBWA\Tequila and a Junior Interactive Design at Asylum.

Knowledge Assembly Session 2: Serious Play: An Exercise in Information Design and Problem-finding
Speaker: Ng Ling Ling
Where: Kennel, 8D Dempsey Rd, #03-03
When: 4 July 2012, 7-9pm
Fees: Free, open to public. RSVP to

Ling Ling’s bio: With years of experience in the creative education sector, Ling Ling focused mainly on Interaction Design. She transitioned from print to web design at CNET Asia where she was the Creative Content Manager. Ling Ling also heads up Orita Sinclair’s Interaction Design programme.

Skills Assembly Session 3: Experimental Type in Photoshop
Workshop leader: Vanessa Ban
Where: Orita Sinclair, 12A Pahang Street
When: 29 August 2012,  7-9pm
Fees: Free, open to public. RSVP to

Vanessa’s bio: A graphic designer and self-taught photographer, Vanessa uses graphic design as a medium to explore and address keen interests in human and social issues. Photography is her mode of documentation and self-expression and typography is her passion. She is a graduate of London’s College of Communication’s BA (Hons) Designs for its Typo/Graphic programme and has worked at creative organizations in Europe as well as Asia, including Pentagram in London and Asylum in Singapore. Vanessa is an adjunct faculty member at Orita Sinclair.

Knowledge Assembly Session 3: Surefire ways to NOT land a job / internship
Speaker: Felix Ng from Anonymous
Where: Kennel, 8D Dempsey Rd, #03-03
When: 5 September 2012, 7-9pm
Fees: Free, open to public. RSVP to

Felix’s bio: Anonymous is a think tank based in Singapore. Established in 2009 by art director Felix Ng, Anonymous has since partnered and featured 109 individuals across 17 cities from Singapore, Tokyo, New York, Portland, London, Stockhold, Helsinki, Amsterdam and more.

Knowledge Assembly Session 4: Loving Your Clients
Speaker: Yong of Somewhere Else
Where: Kennel, 8D Dempsey Rd, #03-03
When: 7 November 2012
Fees: Free, open to public. RSVP to

Yong’s bio: Somewhere Else is an ideas-centred design studio focused on branding strategies and solution. Prior to founding Somewhere Else in 2011, Yong spent 4.5 years as senior designer at Asylum and his works went on to receive both local and international awards like the One Show & The Art Directors Club. Yong also helps out in the design industry by serving jury duty for local design awards and joined Orita Sinclair as co-head of their Industry Advisory Council.

For more information on Orita Sinclair’s academic and short courses, visit the website or call +65 6398 0372.



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