Transmission: Kaleidoscope – Joyce Lee X Michael Ng

“Dreams are composed of numerous pieces to become stars in the sky. The star in the sky has fallen onto the earth and shattered into countless small fragments. For one to pursue his/her dream, he/she has to find the different fragment pieces to form the one and only unique shining star in his/her heart.”

The Dream Seeker, a collab between Joyce Lee and Michael Ng – uses the kaleidoscope metaphor to address one’s dream-seeking journey. The falling star / meteorite contemplates the supreme motion of creation. As a composition, meteorites exist seed-like in form, complete in it’s beginning, that in turn, evokes immense possibilities arising at the moments of it’s ending. The installation comprises of a pentagonal flower origami and a modular star origami in the middle. The pentagonal flower origami symbolizes the dream-seeking journey, the different layers of the flower petals symbolize fragments of the falling star / meteorite, and the star in the middle symbolizes one’s dreams.

Apprentice Joyce Lee is a young illustrator/designer who is strongly influenced by Western culture and media. With an ardent love for folk art, mythological tales and street culture, Joyce believes in rediscovering her heritage through the beauty of traditional Chinese art, and tries to visually express both her Chinese roots and Western influences in her creations.

Collaborating artist Michael Ng aka Mindflyer‘s whimsical and playful paintings evoke a familiar innocence with a dose of twisted humor. Besides painting, exhibiting his work and teaching, he is also a founding member of the OIC Singapore where he is actively involved in engaging and challenging young illustrators and promoting illustration as an artform.

The Dream Seeker will be part of the Transmission: Kaleidoscope exhibition which opens on 12 May at 188-8 Tanjong Katong Road.



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