Spotted! Lengfei

Lengfei is a young lad with a passion for design, bags and films. He thinks that design is much more than just aesthetic; to him it’s a relationship.

“To some people, design is a waste of time – impractical and superficial. They do not realize that everything involves the process of design in one way or another. The society and human beings are constantly evolving for the better, overcoming problems and even this is a form of design.”

Lengfei has developed a strong interest in branding and identity design. During his time as a design student, he handled live projects including the logo for Singapore Polytechnic. He was also the head of branding for the Design School graduation show – BIRTH. “I became more aware about Singaporean’s reaction towards design, and their judgement about local designers. They feel more than a little skeptical, and are to afraid put their trust in us. While some of the perceptions of the design industry hurt me, they provide an added motivation to promote and advocate for a change in the mindset of my fellow citizens towards design.”

Beyond graphic design, Lengfei’s interests extend to designing bags. “When designing a bag, it is important to pay attention to detail. When using a bag, the user creates an immediate relationship with the design. Thus, it is important to make sure that the bag works well for the user. I struggled when I first started out, as high quality materials, hardware and tools are not easy to find in Singapore. A friend of mine introduced me to a young accessories brand owner. He was supportive, and gave me some of his fabrics, leather, tools and even his working studio for a day. With his help, I crafted my very first bag. My sketchbook contains more than thirty sketches ranging from day bags to trip bags. I hope to start my very first collection in the near future. Brand concept and design ideas are practically finished; I am collaborating with a friend now to make this project come true.”

Films have also been a constant source of inspiration for Lengfei. Throughout the three years at Singapore Polytechnic, he organized and invited his peers and lecturers to several film screening sessions in his studio. “The production design in films like Pan’s Labyrinth, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and The Aviator never fail to impress me. They are so visually captivating, encapsulating the essence of what the stories needed. There are so many things to look at and be inspired when watching a film – the cinematography, acting, visual effects, costume design, sound design and music. The filmmakers’ ability to orchestrate these elements into a meaningful whole and to have the audience emotionally attached to the film is truly remarkable.”

“I always think that learning to design is easy, but to design with integrity and to have the aptitude to connect people to your design is difficult. Just like Edward Wood Jr.; He was passionate about his movies, and he did not let himself derail from his path. However, he was considered by some to be the worst movie director of all times. He failed to make the connection to his audience, which is the most important factor in the film and design industry. I am determined to become a graphic designer and an accessories designer because branding is my passion and bags are my obsession.”



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