Transmission: Kaleidoscope – Yeo Wanqi X Kumari Nahappan

Nature’s creations and beauty are often left unnoticed. Many times in this hectic concrete jungle, people hasten through their surroundings, overlooking its beauty. In contrast with the man-made psychedelic characteristics of the kaleidoscope, ‘Notice Unnotice’ – a collaboration between  Yeo Wanqi  and  Kumari Nahappan- aims to bring out the organic forms and soothing personality of the nature, accentuating the wonders of the creations. Slow down your footsteps, free your imaginations and embark on a sensual experience.

Apprentice Wanqi is a part-time dessert maestro, part-time human magpie and full-time graphic designer. She gets her eureka moments from the simplest things: the quiet nature, radiant cultures and even from her vast nest of collectibles and small toys. As an avid nature-lover and explorer, Wanqi believes in using a combination of her daily experiences and radical concepts to influence her works. These are translated into creative and surprising visuals that are brought to life by hands-on experimentation and other versatile methods. On the moments away from her Macbook and design, Wanqi also takes much joy delving into craft, photography and conjuring up the next confectionary delight.

Collaborating Artist Kumari Nahappan is a conceptual artist who has built an artistic practice of over twenty years, developing an extensive body of work, including paintings, sculptures and installations, which have been exhibited in Asia, Europe and the United States.  She has been collecting many accolades as a practicing artist – recipient of the United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Award (1998). She was the first woman and foreigner to be awarded the Ksatria Seni Award in 2004 by the prestigious Museum Rudana in Ubud, Bali and more recently, nominated and awarded the Sculptor of the Year at the 15th edition of the Shanghai Art Fair. Kumari is noted for her signature and iconic, monumental public art sculptures at prominent locations in Singapore and around the region, working with museums and galleries, curators, property developers and private collectors.

This and more impressive work from young creatives will be on display at the Transmission: Kaleidoscope exhibition which opens on 11 May at 188-8 Tanjong Katong Road.



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