Spotted! Koo Chia Meng

Empty Heart (2007), Too Far North (2009), Similar Winters (2011).
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Koo Chia Meng received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking at Nanyang Technological University. Trained as a filmmaker, his short films have been seen by audiences locally and abroad at festivals such as the 6th Singapore Short Film Festival, Singapore Short Film Awards 2011, Vancouver Singapore Film Festival 2009 and 2011 AAS-ICAS Joint Conference in Hawaii.

“The featured short films involve travelling,” Chia Meng explains. “The travelling of your body, the travelling of your senses as well as the travelling of your memories. Travelling through spaces, through speeches and through time. At times we need to forget someone, but no matter where we go, we remember. Sometimes when we backtrack on the roads once travelled, we realize that we actually don’t want to forget. In fact, many beautiful moments are getting increasingly hard to remember.”

Chia Meng is an associate Multimedia Designer with Theatrestrays. Previously, he has collaborated with theatre companies like A Group Of People, The Finger Players, Drama Box, Toy Factory, Frontier Danceland and W!ld Rice. His work on ‘SITA’ had the opportunity to be presented during the Festival Internacional Cervantino 2011 in Mexico City.

With experiences in various disciplines, Chia Meng has made music videos, publicity videos and had previously provided content for NDP 2010, Man Singapore Theatre Festival and Casual Days magazine. He is currently working on W!ld Rice’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and Resort World Sentosa’s ‘Voyage de La Vie’. He will also be directing a new narrative short film entitled ‘Soul On A Wire’ in 2012.



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