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Warren Khong is a visual artist whose practice deals with the aesthetics of beauty, specifically pertaining to the human female face. It seeks the Ideal of Beauty – a perfect beauty of universal acclamation – within this somewhat narrow perimeter. “Expounding on Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Judgement, understanding that the Ideal towards aesthetical beauty and the concomitant question: what is Beauty? is based on Taste, which is loosely shaped by culture; and that culture is no longer as geocentric as it was a century ago, we are poised at an age which is more well positioned to take on the lofty goal of universal acclamation.”

Seeking perfection in beauty, however artificial, is slightly less impossible now. With this in mind, he started on a series of female portraits in late 2010. The portraits are executed in the highly stylised Japanese mangaesque manner as Warren is fascinated with the cross-cultural appeal of such aesthetics. “Each acrylic on canvas portrait is a female’s face, expressionless so as not to evoke any emotions. The artificiality of a constructed beauty attempting towards the Ideal of Beauty is also explored in both the technique as well as the stylistics. Each piece is painted such that it looks machine printed, erasing as much of my hand as possible in a painting and without traces of brushstrokes. The works are highly vibrant, employing pure colours and in an extremely glossy and reflective finish.”

This series is still on going, even as he finds subtle changes happening in his image creations and Warren intends to continue pushing this pursuit of aesthetical beauty.

Khong has exhibited both internationally as well as locally, most recently having had two solo exhibitions – ‘A Collection of Shapes in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black and White (I still don’t remember the name of the girl I saw that day)’ at Marcuard Asia Pte. Ltd.,  and ‘Warren Khong: A Solo Exhibition (In partnership with Whisky Live & Fine Spirits Paris 2011 and La Maison Du Whisky), Paris 2011. His works have also been used by La Maison du Whisky for their ‘Artist’ range limited edition whisky labels. Warren has also participated in group shows, including ‘Coincidence’ at Renaissance Art Gallery, Manila, and he worked on both Sol LeWitt wall drawings at Marina Bay Sands.

The man attributes all his inspirations and success to Jesus Christ.



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