Spotted! Guo Yixiu

“Guo’s work invites the audience to ignore absolute negativity. She argues through her work, that culture is itself an abstraction. That it can be invented out of nothing, as culture itself moves with the times. The motive that is emphasized is the idea of choice. She invites the viewers to depart from tradition, focusing instead on social landscapes like the hawker centre, as well as the tissue paper ‘Chope-ing’ practice. The tissue paper culture was a culture invented out of the commerce of Singapore, and it embodies attitudes that are unique but universal to all Singaporeans.” – from the Singapore: Culture is Dead exhibition.

We spotted Guo Yixiu‘s work at the 2nd Emerging Curators exhibition organized by Sculpture Square. The event presented Guo Yixiu, Sarah Choo Jing and Tok Wei Yuan in their debut collaboration in curating and showcasing works in an exhibition entitled, ‘Singapore: Culture is Dead’.

A final year student at the Nanyang Technological University’s Art, Design and Media School, Yixiu is currently pursuing her bachelor degree in art. Her training at NTU and Nanyang Junior College’s Art Elective Programme have given her a solid foundation in developing her painting and photographic skills.

“At the same time, my innate love for the art drives me to experiment with a variety of mediums that include oil painting, textile works, film and darkroom processes. I often combine depth of content with technical precision in the pursuit of my art.”

A specialist in photorealistic paintings, Yixiu actively participates in art exhibitions and competitions. In 2008, she was awarded the Gold with Honours award in the Singapore Youth Festival, Arts and Craft Exhibition, as well as a Representational Category Award in the 27th UOB Painting of the Year Competition.



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