“.”, A Solo Exhibition by Eunice Lim


To end is to place a punctuation known as the full stop. It is to end a sentence with an option either start another or to leave. A message can sum up in a line to illustrate; a story could take a few more.

“.” is an exhibition of paintings derived from a sketchbook, portraying variations of how different pages with different subjects come together to create new stories. This series of works are results of several pages interplaying with negative spaces that were jotted down within a period (.).

Eunice Lim was the People’s Prize recipient for INSTINC Gallery’s Squares Invasion – The 50cm x 50cm Painting Show in 2011 and this exhibition is her prize for winning.

The exhibiton opens today and  runs through 31 March at 15 Minutes, LASALLE College of the Arts.

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  • Hi! Thanks for the comment! :) If you would like we could have a chat when you are coming over. Do let me know. Thanks!

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    Oh, I didn’t see your comment till now, I was over there yesterday. Hopefully will be back next week. will let you know.


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