Spotted! Audrey Yeo

At 16, Motion Designer Audrey Yeo  almost failed her Art O levels, but she aced in Science. “The obvious choice was to take the easy way out. Then again, I have never been one to settle for what’s easy, and so with a bad Art grade, big faith and a burning passion, I went onward marching to fight for what I truly loved doing – illustrating. Even after obtaining my design diploma, I don’t consider myself an artistic person -my reader is filled with scientific newsletters. However, my fun and playful works are always defying the other half of me, no matter what I read.”

Audrey enjoys creating cheerful work, which fits her naturally blissful and why-are-you-always-smiling demeanor. “Freely you have received, freely give, is a statement I strongly believe in as an illustrator. As a response to that, I have contributed many artworks to art events all over the world. I also co-hosted an event, together with a local friend.”

Audrey has an online shop, and half of the proceeds go to charity. Downright inspirational!



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