Spotted! Siew May aka KSM

“I am Siew May aka KSM. I have always loved art in all forms, be it animation, illustration, street art or games. I have been drawing my whole life, and I see my talent as a gift from above.”

KSM’s passion for the arts, led her to pursue a diploma in Digital Media Design at Nanyang Polytechnic. She is currently pursuing a major in animation at NTU, School of Art, Design & Media. She counts TheGrossUncleAshley Wood and local artist ANTZ as some of the artists that influenced her art during the various stages of her life.

“I am interested in people as they intrigue me, that’s why my works are mainly character based illustrations.  The world of art, like animation, allows me to tell a story about my characters.Usually they look strange and quirky because I see a particular quality of beauty in them. Part of the reason for this is because I want to show people that they don’t have to be perfect all the time. We are all unique, and being different, not conforming to the rest, is another form of being beautiful, and that is perfect. I also love to experiment and try different art techniques, like combining traditional and digital elements to give my work a unique look, so not all of my artworks are in the same style but they are still me.”



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