Spotted! Zu Xian Heng

Zu Xian is the founder/designer of One of X , a new clothing brand founded on the passion for music and dance.  Zu Xian’s goal is to inspire and motivate music and dance enthusiasts to do what they love as often as possible.  ” We like to bring them together through our products, because we believe that passionate people with the courage to do what they love and define success for themselves, are the ones who will become the best version of themselves and live happy, fulfilling lives.” Amen to that!

What does One of X mean?

“Well, we all like things that are unique and different from others. So, every piece of clothing is only available in limited quantities and this number is represented by the ‘X’ in ‘One of X’.For instance, each of our current designs are only limited to 50 pcs. Therefore, ‘One of 50’ is printed on the back of the t-shirts. This means that the piece of t-shirt/clothing you own is one out of the 50 pcs ever produced in the world! Each shirt also comes with a hand-numbered card.”



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