Pleasantry drops Porcelain Lenses

“Wipe clean the cracks on your palms and watch where you tread. That comforting familiarity of skin, one most intimate and dear, could be the earth that hold down the wood, for the gaps in those fissures are deep, unforgiving, and stained. Focus in the periphery and gain colour. Immerse and submerge into the ambience, the backdrop of paintbrush strokes and the echoes. So put aside your palms and read the sky, the grass, the sheer life of things, and breathe.”

This is the description of Porcelain Lenses, a four track debut EP by local indie-pop outfit Pleasantry.

Conceptualized in late 2010, the members of Pleasantry are derived from a variant of different established bands in the local underground music scene such as Amateur Takes Control, Lunar Node and Postbox. The quintet’s diversified musical interests and knowledge have influenced the manifestation of resounding tones, strung harmoniously with the use of various instruments such as the ukulele and melodica. The band feeds on eclectic music cultures and draws inspiration from dreamed-up scenarios based on real-life scripts.

The release is now up for digital download at their bandcamp page . Pleasantry will also be playing a show at the Esplanade Waterfront on the 17th February as part of the +65 indie weekend.



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