Spotted! Alvin Chua

Alvin Chua primarily works with computational tools and techniques, creating physical or visual representations of data and the systemic processes which produce them. He also likes to experiment with algorithms that produce abstract graphics. In a nutshell, Alvin operates at the intersection between the arts and science. “Formally I work in the area of urban data visualisation, processing and analytics. At the same time, I am also very much interested in other experimental practices such as generative, parametric and interactive design.”

“As the use of computers become synonymous with day to day activities, I find it compelling, as a designer, to not only be able to consume but to also create through such technology. Understanding the potential of computational and systemic methods affords me the freedom to work outside of convention, for instance, develop purpose specific tools which can make manifest complex structures or engender life like visual environments.”

Alvin is a PhD student at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in the department of Architecture. He previously worked as a research assistant at the Multimodal-Analysis Lab, Interactive Digital Media Institute at the NUS, where he participated in multi-disciplinary research work.



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