Spotted! Pandora Wong

Pandora Wong took some rather amazing photos of Pulau Ubin, and her camera gives us an interesting view of an island so often considered solely as a cycling or camping destination.

“In the face of urbanization, Singapore is gradually losing its natural landscapes to make way for residential and industrial areas,” Pandora explains. “The rapid pace of modernization has accelerated this process, leaving few untouched places. Pulau Ubin is one of these few remaining rural landscapes in Singapore, However, the island faces an uncertain future as Singapore continues to develop into a cosmopolitan city, requiring more land to build infrastructure. My aim is to showcase the rustic beauty of the island to the younger generation through the use of a series of imagery in the form of a publication. Through the images, I hope to create an awareness in these young people that such places still exist in Singapore as well as to capture the memories and beauty of this landscape should it be redeveloped in the future.”

Pandora graduated with a diploma in Visual Communications from Temasek School of Design, majoring in Photography. Her passion for photography started when I was nine with a disposable camera during an excursion to the zoo. “I was captivated by the ability to capture a moment with a simple tool.  After graduation I started working as a freelance photographer, focusing on landscape and documentary photography. I was named the winner for the Moove Media Hails Young Creative Talent in 2011. My works have been exhibited at the Pulau Ubin HSBC Volunteer Hub Gallery, NTU’s Lee Wee Nam Library and at Noise Singapore.”

Above is only a small selection of what Pandora captured, but it should be enough to whet your appetite for the whole series which can be viewed here.



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