Culturepush Readers Survey Results

It took us a while to compile the results of the survey and present them in an aesthetically pleasing manner (we know our audience, what can we say), but we finally did it and are excited to share them with you. More after the jump.

To add – although the sample size was relatively small, it was interesting to see that:

  • The majority of readers are between ages 20 to 29. That, or this particular age demographic is more likely to take surveys as compared to others.
  • The majority work full-time and in a creative capacity.
  • The majority of comments received on the Singapore arts and culture scene were positive and hopeful, which was definitely heartening to read.

The winner of the $50 BooksActually voucher is Bey Hwee Loo! And as always, please send us your thoughts, links, portfolios and more to



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