Spotted! Jamie Chan

Jamie Chan picked up photography in September 2009, and you will hardly ever see her leaving the house without a camera. A Visual Communications student from Temasek Polytechnic -School of Design, Jamie majors in photography. In her spare time, she is a freelance photographer at Jamie Chan Photography and a volunteer photographer for organizations such as Red Cross, ACRES, Zeus Communications and many more.

Instead of the glittering world of commercial photography, Jamie turns her lens towards documentary photography as she feels that there is always an incredible story to tell behind every image. “An aspiring photojournalist, I am drawn towards the beauty of humanity and I want to capture images that speak to people.”

Named “10 of Singapore’s best Young Photographers” by CNNgo, she was selected to take part in the inaugural Junior Shooting Home Workshop 2011 and was chosen by the National Arts Council to represent Singapore as a photojournalist during the annual ASEAN Youth Culture Camp 2011, which took place in Magaleng, Indonesia.

“During the camp, I had the chance to interact with other photojournalist and artist from the ASEAN region sparking my interest in traditional dances. I had my works exhibited in the Karmawibhangga Archaeological Museum in Borobudur and I am now working on documenting the beauty of traditional dances for the Junior Shooting Home reunion show.”

When she is not shooting or planning for her next documentary project, Jamie blogs, sings in the International Festival Chorus, plays her cello and admires her collection of Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.



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