Spotted! Nur Aida Sa’ad aka

Nur Aida Sa’ad aka loves illustrating, and it comes with an incurable weakness for the cute and cuddly. “Stick two glassy eyes on anything and I call it good design. It is an unkind condition because everything I create somehow ends up with these tiresome cutesy features no matter how hard I try. People call it my style but really, my drawings take on a life of their own.”

Aida is mostly inspired by childhood stories and replenishes her creative juices by sitting through episodes of Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street. “There is so much freedom and wild spontaneity in a child’s imagination that I never want to lose. When you grow up, you stop noticing things because you think you’ve seen it all – everyday stops being an adventure and you stop singing nursery rhymes and about how lovely the day is. I love rainbow colours and polka dots too much to ever grow up.”

“I am also pretty much obsessed with making things my own. I buy a new shirt, and I just have to make badges to match. So Aida created Hello Yellow Mushmellow where she sell customized shoes and button badges. “It started out when I was 18 because my friends were all 18 and it was such a chore trying to think of something special enough for the 18th birthdays, all while having to study for the A-levels. Painting shoes was a welcomed escape from the tiresome study routines and they made such wonderful birthday presents. This was when I learnt that craft and illustration are things I wanted to do so much more than anything academic (and boring), because it made me feel more accomplished than doing well for the A-levels was supposed to.”



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