MAGUS, Sun Worshipper

MAGUS is Mark Dolmont (Meddle, Vancouver Electronic Ensemble) on drums and Leslie Low (The Observatory, Snake Blood Union, Meddle, ARCN TEMPL) on guitar. MAGUS has its roots in improvisation, hynoptic repetition, horror, and melancholia down by the river in a van by the woods.

On their debut album, Leslie and Mark  line up in battle formation, summoning the powers of ancient spirits and riding on psychedelics to navigate the chaos of this brave new world.

Mixed from a stew of magic and distortion, chunky guitar riffs awake from primordial sludge and hefty drums tap to the beat of a primeval pulse as the modern world asserts its presence, leaking from found sounds leaping betwixt channels.

“We met in San Francisco after four months apart … not writing. In days to follow we found inspiration, and found a studio. We recorded for about an hour … thinking we might get a new song from the jam. We left with what would become Sun Worshipper.”– Mark Dolmont

The CD is available for mail order from or in the following stores: The Substation, Roxy Music, Hell’s Labyrinth, Straits Records.



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