Spotted! Dorcas Ng

The work of designer/artist Dorcas Ng centers around narratives– real and fictional, and are communicated mainly with the characters she has created in ‘Tales of Pao’–Pao, X, R, Whao and PE.

Dorcas welcomes spontaneous real time intervention in the creative process, which is an important element in her work as she strives to create fresh and experimental work every time. These narratives take on different form/media each time but are all one continuous thread of work. “There are currently two extremes in my creative work: Conceptual and serious, Whimsical and illogical. I am constantly exploring how it is possible to integrate them both. So far I have explored short stories, photography, sequential drawings, theme specific work and exhibitions. Aside from this, I also like to meddle with customizing vinyl toys, design, Art and all that stuff.”

About the Tales of Pao: Born 01.01.2010, Pao is a wedge-head carrot with an unpleasant attitude. His favourite word is WHAT and he loves to point with his index finger. Pao came to this world when a wedge shape object fell from the sky onto a carrot in the crop fields of an unknown village. Since birth, he has often wondered why he was the chosen one to be born this way– to have an appearance so different from the other carrots, thus he is always angry as he cannot find a satisfactory answer. He continues the search and along the way, grows up to be rather anti-social. Or so it seems. This is the story of Pao – about truth and life.

Pao is accompanied by X, R, Whao and PE, and you can read more about each character here.



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